Herndon Pharmacy is one of California’s premiere hemophilia specialty pharmacy providers.

We provide factor products and hemophilia homecare services to patients throughout California. Our headquarters are located in Fresno, and we have customer representatives throughout the state.

While most other factor providers are homecare pharmacies with a wider scope, Herndon Pharmacy focuses solely on serving those with hemophilia and other rare bleeding disorders. This specialization makes us the premier factor pharmacy in the state, as we are able to offer enhanced customer service and additional support services that our competitors simply cannot match.

The hemophilia community is very small and tight-knit, and we are proud to be both a leader and an advocate for those affected by this condition.

As your dedicated hemophilia homecare provider, we do whatever it takes to guarantee your satisfaction. There may be other factor providers out there, but none understand hemophilia like we do.

At Herndon Pharmacy, we have only one priority. You.