Mark Helm’s pharmacy origins go back to 1986, when he founded TriMedical, a hemophilia pharmacy, in Fresno, California.

As a hemophilia patient, Mark noticed the growing need for a specialized factor pharmacy and homecare service dedicated to those with rare bleeding disorders. In 1995, Mark partnered with Linda Tayian Hurst, Pharm. D., to create Herndon Pharmacy.

Since its founding Herndon Pharmacy has grown from a small regional pharmacy to a full- service specialty pharmacy. In addition to providing factor products and therapy management, Herndon Pharmacy is a leading advocate for hemophilia patients statewide.

At Herndon Pharmacy, we have only one priority. You.

Doughnut chart of Herndon Pharmacy's hemophilia advocacy.

In our ongoing effort to simplify our customers' lives, Herndon Pharmacy strives to act as an advocate for our customers and the various components of hemophilia care.