Herndon Pharmacy’s patients are part of the tight knit community of individuals affected by rare bleeding disorders such as hemophilia.

Since we’re a part of that community and we know what life with a bleeding disorder is like, we’re able to offer levels of patient service that no other factor pharmacy can.

We view patients as not just another client, but as a friend. Patients see us as not just a factor provider, but as an important part of their lives. But don’t take our word for it, read what our patients and client facilities have to say.

Jess Hull

Gabriel Viveros

What patients have said about Herndon Pharmacy…

“I truly enjoy working with Herndon. Of all the homecare companies I’ve ever used, their service is the best. It’s like being in the fine dining world of homecare after having done fast food for your whole life. They are never pushy, but always there when needed—even anticipating my wishes before I have them. Keep up the outstanding work!”


“Before I began using Herndon Pharmacy, I really did not know the difference between superior and inferior home-healthcare companies. After signing on with Herndon, I realized that these companies depend on us for business and they really showed me how much I meant to them with their excellent service. Plus, Herndon not only does home healthcare, they specialize in bleeding disorders and even have employees that have the disorder. They have the knowledge and the experience to handle the medication needs of hemophiliacs and other bleeding disorders because they understand how it is to live with the problem.”


“I would like to thank everybody at Herndon Pharmacy for taking such great care of me and my medical needs. Switching to Herndon Pharmacy as my home healthcare provider has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

This is due largely to the excellent diligent efforts of Herndon Pharmacy because they are always on top of everything. They have helped me out by notifying me about seeking alternative insurance when they noticed my cap would be reached in within the next 12 months on my current insurance. They always get my orders to me on time and even call every now and then to make sure I have all the supplies and medicine I need, and just to see how I am doing in general.

Being with Herndon has made taking care of my hemophilia much, much easier. Getting my supplies and medicine is no longer an arduous process. That alone means so much to me.”


“More and more often, insurance companies are taking away choice of homecare provider from persons with hemophilia. Those of us who still have a choice must make sure we each choose the company that provides the optimal level of service to meet our individual needs. In addition, however, service to the greater hemophilia community should also be considered.

For many years, Herndon Pharmacy has provided the highest level of service to its patients, while providing consistently generous financial support to the programs that play such an important role in developing new community leaders…Leaders whose work ultimately continues, improves, and expands the programs available to all persons with bleeding disorders.”


What hospitals and treatment centers are saying about Herndon Pharmacy…

“For more than a decade, Herndon Pharmacy has been meeting the needs of many of our patients, providing factor products and ancillary supplies. They have consistently afforded our treatment center with the ease of mind of knowing that our patients would obtain their medication in a timely and efficient manner.”

Robert Mignacca, MD
Former Medical Director, Hemophilia Program, Children’s Hospital Central CA